Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good bye House!

Busy day today!  Finally sold my house and had the closing today.  Now I am totally focusing on the holidays and then we wlll get the Murph's house ready to put on the market next year.  I am hoping to be somewhere tropical by the summer.  Yea!

We had to get the Boy's 1996 jaguar towed because it has been sitting in the yard for a year and the battery was totally dead.  Couldn't even open the trunk to get to the battery to charge it.  Now they are saying it needs a new alternator and the total cost of towing plus recharging battery and replacing alternator it $445.  A lot for an automobile the Boy was planning on selling for under $2,000.  It's one thing after another!   At closing, the buyers said they were kind of hoping I would leave the Jag there for them.  Funny!  I don't think the Boy would have liked that too much!  Of course, now we have this alternator issue.

So good not to have to worry about my house anymore.  It needs a family with small children.  It was a great home for me and the Boy.  The new family is young and is just starting their family.  They have a new 3 month old son.  The house is perfect for them,  Yesterday the Murph and I were at the house late waiting on the painters to finish the ceiling that the Murph almost fell through while cleaning the attic the other day and we saw the mother deer is back.  This time last year I had a mother deer and two babies that would come into my backyard at dusk.  I left deer food and water out for them and a salt lick.  Apparently, she or one of her offspring is back this year.  I told the new buyers and they were excited.  Hope they feed them!

I will miss the house for sure, but I am ready to move on to the next adventure.

Goodbye House!

Goodbye guest bathroom!

Goodbye guest room with the same curtains that were in the house when we moved in 20 years ago....I'm thinking the new owners might want to go with plantation shutters....

Goodbye office!  Sorry about the patched holes in the wall where we had to go in to save the baby squirrel....

Goodbye Master bedroom!  I really enjoyed this teak floor.

Goodbye Gala Pink Master Bath!

Goodbye Boy's room minus the red, white and blue confetti wallpaper and the airplane ceiling fan...  he grew up!

Goodbye Living room!  Hope the green furniture and rug enjoy their new owners.....

Goodbye Family room!   This leather furniture is one of the few things I kept despite friends and family that wanted it when they found out I was getting rid of things.  Even the new buyers asked if I was leaving it.  Sorry!
Goodbye Kitchen!

Goodbye Breakfast area!

Goodbye Dining Room!

Goodbye Foyer!

Goodbye Half Bath!

Goodbye Room!

Goodbye House!

(sorry I got a little carried away here!)

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  1. SO happy for you, and yet kind of sad...I have some nice memories of your house through the years.
    Too bad I didn't see the recent renovations in person. That pink in the bathroom is gorgeous, exactly the color I pictured.
    Another chapter closed to make room for the next!