Friday, December 30, 2011

Jane Fonda Taught Me Everything I Know About Working Out And Cool Workout Wear

Jane Fonda still rocks her iconic ’80s leotard

Yesterday I was watching Hoda and Kathi Lee at the gym and they were interviewing Jane Fonda.  She was promoting her new exercise videos while wearing the same leotard and leg warmers she wore from her 80's exercise book and videos.  I have to admit that during my high school and college years in the 80's, Jane Fonda's book was my fitness bible.  Now I have the Triathlon Training Bible, but back then it was Jane Fonda's WorkOut Book.  Everything I know about exercise and fitness started with her during those days with her book and video.  She was my fitness queen.  I read the book from cover to cover and then used it for a reference for at least 10 years.  I still have it (of course)!  Jane Fonda is in her 70's and still looks awesome.  She's still my inspiration!  I'm sure she knows how many lives she changed for the better with those workout books and videos.  Even Ken (aka The Murph) had a copy of her video back in the 80"s.  I bet he wasn't doing the workout though.  He was probably just ogling Jane doing the workout.  That's right! (I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying that cause he's not going to like it! haha)

During college, my room mate and I would do the Jane Fonda exercise video every evening in our dorm.  We just called it "Jane Fonda", not exercise video or aerobics, or anything obvious like that.  Just simply- "Are you ready to do Jane Fonda?" "Yes, let's do Jane Fonda."  We all knew what it meant.  I even did the Jane Fonda exercise video for Pregnancy and Recovery when I was pregnant with the Boy in the early 90"s.  By then the video was almost 10 years old.

I would come home from college and stay with my grandmother during breaks and every night while she watched her TV shows, I would do Jane Fonda workouts in the middle of the floor.  I knew it by heart so I could do the entire workout without the video.  My grandmother would just look at me, shake her head, roll her eyes and pop some candy in her mouth.  I was some sort of strange fitness freak to her back in the 80's.

I would have to say that Jane started it all.  From her advanced workout video,  I went on to more hard core stuff like the Ironman triathlons, marathons, sprint triathlons and worse - YOGA!   I even had the 80's leg warmers until last month when I cleaned out what was left in my house to sell it.  I reluctantly gave my leg warmers and leotards and almost all my leftovers from the 80's and 90's to charity.  Darn, I knew I should've held on to them a little longer!  You never know when you might need a good pair of 1980's style leg warmers.

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