Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love These Guiseppe Zanotti Shoes!

Last March I saw these Guiseppe Zanotti shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta and just had to have them.  The Murph was in a really good mood that day so even though we were looking for shoes to wear for the wedding, he bought me the Zanotti shoes too.  It was actually a very good day for me because I ended up with a really cute pair of Christian Louboutin heels, a pair of champagne Jimmy Choo heels and this pair of Guiseppe Zanotti heels.

I decided I wanted to wear them to a Christmas party Friday, but they are such a different color that I didn't really have anything to wear with them.  They are sort of a rose gold color with stones that look sort of silvery grey and a hint of lavender and pink.  I took one of the shoes with me and met the Running Nazi to do some shopping.  I found this sparkly pink dress at BeBe's that look awesome with the shoes.  Pink and sparkly!  So me!  Gold or champagne would probably have matched the shoes better, but I don't like gold that much and champagne can be a little washed out looking.  I love the pink and it complimented the shoes really well.   I also bought another pink non-sparkly dress that looks good with the shoes and a scarf print halter top from Cache that I can wear with skinny jeans and the shoes for a more casual look.  I LOVE these shoes!  My all time favorites.

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  1. those shoes are PERFECT with this dress. love this color on you!