Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Boy Made It Through First Semester!

I am so proud of the boy.  He actually passed all of his classes this semester with a 2.62 GPA.  The only class he didn't do well in, which brought the GPA down under a 3.0 was the Intro to Music elective he took.  He actually made a B in English Comp!  A B in Calculus!  It's a miracle!  Thank god for Ritalin!  He got through high school drug free, but with lower grades than he probably would have gotten if he had taken the meds.  He was diagnosed with ADD in 4th grade and put on Adderall.  His grades went up immediately.  He went from never reading anything to spending hours in his room reading Tom Clancy novels.  I couldn't believe the difference.  However, he started complaining about stomach problems so we had to change the meds several times before we ended up with Concerta and now Ritalin.

The Boy - thinner and more educated ...
When he started college he decided to start taking a very low dose of Ritalin whenever he needed it for classes or studying for tests.  So far, he hasn't had any stomach problems or headaches except for the last days of finals when he didn't sleep for 48 hours, staying up to study and write final papers.  For now he is off the Ritalin until school starts back in the spring.  He's also lost several pounds instead of gaining the freshman 20.  He points this out to me constantly.  Ken (aka the Murph) and I should have never told him about our 20 pound freshman weight gain.

Personally, I don't think he's getting his money worth on that all you can eat meal ticket at the cafeteria.


  1. Classic "The Boy" pose, face covered, haha!
    Way to go, The Boy! Great news about his grades and weight loss, too.
    (You gained 20 lbs as a Freshman?! I don't think so...)

  2. Sooooooo Proud of The Boy...You did good...Love the picture

  3. That's about the only kind of pic I can get of the Boy these days. I can't even sneak up on him and snap one. The camera is too slow and he's too fast.