Friday, December 16, 2011

Home From College

Almost a semester's worth of laundry.
The Boy arrived home from college last night with a load of laundry.  I think he's washed his clothes maybe twice since he started school last August.  I was actually pleasantly surprised that he actually loaded it all in his car and brought it home.  I could just visualize the piles of clothes thrown all over his dorm getting moldy over the holidays, roaches making cozy little homes among it.

Phantom was really glad to see his boy, but he went territorial on poor Ed and Boo again.  They were sniffing the Boy's laundry and Phantom chased them away.  He's been keeping an eye on them all morning.  I already had to squirt him with water once to leave them alone.  He's been so good lately too! Now poor Ed is back to hiding under the upstairs couch and I think Cadence has been going psycho and chasing Ed and Boo around at night after we have gone to bed.  He got locked downstairs with Phantom last night.  We need a cat shrink in this house.  We need some cat interventions!

The Boy had three finals on Wednesday and called me while I was at the gym after the first two finals.  He was wound up and said he hadn't slept in 48 hours because he had two papers to write and studying to do for these last finals.  He had one more left and then he was done.  I talked to him for an hour while I tried to do cardio.  Then he hung up to have lunch before the last final in a 1 hr Reading class he was taking.  He told me he was heading home after a club meeting he had the next morning.  I was expecting him home around 1p.m. yesterday.  When I didn't hear from him and I could see his computer was still online, I knew he hadn't left.  About 3 p.m. when I hadn't heard from him and he hadn't answered my calls or texts or skype I became worried and left a message for one of his friends who is at the same college.  I was just about to call the police when the Boy calls me.  He had fallen asleep around 8 p.m. the night before and slept until after 3 p.m. the next day!  19 hours!  I never did that when I was in college.  He better have made good grades on his finals.  I don't see how anybody could take finals with no sleep though.  Crazy kid!

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