Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baker Barbie

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening finishing baking for Christmas.  I made Christmas sugar cookies, rugelach, a wreath shaped carrot cake, gingerbread and cornbread for the dressing I am going to make today.  Ken even took pictures of me baking.  It's not something he sees me doing very often.  Actually, I think it's the first time he's seen me bake anything or even spend very much time in the kitchen at all.  He doesn't believe I always bake this time of the year and was a little concerned about the mess I was making in the kitchen.  Well, I think I'm finished until next year and I cleaned the mess!

Actually, I don't know if anybody will eat any of it.  They do taste better than they look if you can get past the look part.  I'm not really good at frosting and decorating.   It looks like a group of preschoolers got ahold of the wreath cake and slapped some finger paint on it.  I don 't really know how that one tastes.  The gingerbread came from a box so it tastes pretty good.  Not much damage I could do there.  The Boy says the sugar cookies aren't sweet enough.  I think they could use a little more sugar, but overall they aren't bad.  Too much sugar is bad for you anyway.  I don't want the Boy to get cavities.

Today I tackle the cornbread dressing and the casseroles.  This is kind of strange that I am cooking all of this for Christmas when I never cook during the rest of the year.  Lucky for me I can get recipes from the internet.  My mom told me not to put sage in the dressing even though the recipe calls for it.  I just bought a new bottle of sage that I have absolutely no use for except for this dressing.  I told her I'm going to have to use some of it now.  What else will I do with the sage??

Ken is doing the turkey and I bought a honey baked ham from the honey baked ham store.  Those hams are delicious and I can't do any damage there.  No sage on the turkey.  We had rolls leftover from our party that we froze, so we are defrosting those and some leftover tea cakes.  Those came from a local bakery.  No sage on those either.  Mom should be happy.


  1. Looks like you are working tooooooo hard...I know everything will be delicious....

    LOL on the Sage...Put it in your tea...LOL LOL

  2. sage in tea??? don't think so!

  3. kind of random, but are you wearing the lululemon running pants?
    i didn't do any baking. traveling during the holidays is a great excuse for not baking.

  4. Yes, those are the running pants I got at lululemon. I love them! I am going back to get more exercise wear from them after the holidays,

  5. lululemon is awesome! too bad their stuff never goes on sale. but it's worth the money, as it lasts forever. i wish there was a lululemon near me.