Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tried Out My New Brooks Running Shoes Today

Brooks Glycerin 9, my new running shoes
I ran with the Running Nazi this morning.  We only ran 8 miles instead of 13 miles (our usual long run) because I haven't been feeling well.  I either had an allergic reaction to something (probably that sage I put in the dressing that my mom told me not too) or I am fighting a cold.  Of course, the Running Nazi showed up for the run sicker than I was.  While I was just "fighting" something, she was full blown sick.  Sore throat, bad cough, congestion, eyes burning, but like I've said before, that doesn't stop her at all.  She would've run 13 miles today if I wasn't such a wimp.

 I wore my new running shoes for the first time.  Ken (aka The Murph) gave them to me for Christmas.  I have been looking for a replacement for the fuchsia Brooks Burn running shoes I have been wearing for years.  They stopped making them a few years ago and I had several pairs stockpiled in the back of my closet just in case. " Prepared" for the day they stopped making them.  Well, they did stop making them and I went through my last pair training for Memphis marathon a couple of years ago.  Since then I have tried a couple of different brands including a pair of Mizuno's that I really liked, but felt they didn't last long enough and they were sort of a weird, icky color, not pink.   Brooks has several different styles, but none that seemed like the Burn.

Brooks Burn - my all time favorite running shoe...  (sigh)
I first bought the Brooks Burn running shoes at a race expo.  I fell in love with them immediately because they were pink, of course.  I didn't care how they would feel on my feet.  They could've rubbed blisters and made my toes turn black for all I cared.  They were PINK!  Fortunate for me, they didn't rub blisters or turn my toes black.  In fact, they turned out to be the BEST running shoe I have ever worn in my entire life.  They were light weight!  They were fast!  They held up to all the abuse I put them through!  Most of all, they were PINK!  Fuchsia to be exact. (although Brooks calls them "red"... whatever!)   The perfect color for a running shoe.  I will never find an exact replacement for these running shoes, but my new Brooks Glycerin 9 running shoes are fairly close.  I don't really like all the white on them with only a little pink trim.  It would be much better if the colors were reversed with the pink replacing the white and the white replacing the pink.  They aren't as light weight as the Burns or the Mizunos and they are a little clunky.  For now though, these will do, but I am still in search of the perfect Brooks Burn replacement.

Brooks what were you thinking when you discontinued this awesome shoe.  Brooks, Pleeeeasaaaase!!  I need my Brooks Burn back.   And please don't make them that funky light blue color like the Burn 3 or that turquoise color like you did with the Brooks Pure Cadence.  Fuchsia only please!  I need to design running shoes.  They would all be shades of pink.
I disturbed a sleeping Phantom when I started taking pics of my shoes in the closet so he gave me the stink eye and left.  My last pairs of running shoes are in the back.  The turquoise/greenish ones are the Mizunos -not a bad pair, just not pink....

Old Brooks Burn on the left, New Brooks Glycerin 9 on the right
You can find Brooks Glycerin 9 running shoes here.


  1. your new trainers are similar to my new-ish new balance trail-running "minimus" shoes. i opted for grey because they go with all my athletic wear, feel amazing, and i LOVE them. they're extremely lightweight, and although i don't run, they're suitable for walking, hiking, gym glasses...

    the brand brooks is new to me, i'll have to remember them.

    i love the pic of phantom slinking away from the shoes!

  2. Brooks is a great brand. New Balance is good too. That's what I use to buy for the Boy. I interrupted Phantom's nap time.