Saturday, December 3, 2011

Watch Your Footing When You're In The Attic...

This is what happens when you put your foot in the wrong place when you are in your attic.    

Yesterday I went over to the house to start cleaning out what is left in the attic since I am selling the house.  We are suppose to close  next week.  I had about 20 years of accumulation in that attic.  Everything the Boy had ever done in school and all his baby toys and clothes.  I had all my old schoolwork and books and dolls up there too from when I was a kid.

The Murph couldn't believe how much stuff I had stored away up there.  He had brought everything down but one really big, heavy box.  I told him to just leave it up there and I would go through it in the attic.  I was throwing most of the stuff in the trash anyway.  He decided to make one final try, but unfortunately he tripped and his foot went right through the ceiling.  Luckily, he didn't fall all the way through.  That would have really hurt!

We did get everything moved out of the attic and called someone to come do repairs on Monday.  I had heard about this happening and have always been really careful as I piled my boxes up in the attic over the years.  We have pieces of plywood up there in areas to store things, but mostly it's just insulation and support beams.  I never thought you could actually go through the ceiling from the attic!  Guess what?  You can!!  Insulation is everywhere.  It's kind of strange looking down at your master bedroom from a hole in the attic.

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