Thursday, March 1, 2012

In The Fog

It's been so foggy all day today.  Usually it's foggy in the morning, but will burn off when the sun comes up.  Not today.  It was foggy this morning until around noon, then it cleared up for about 30 minutes and now it's foggier than ever.  This is the view off the balcony.  It's so bad now you can't even see the houses down below or the other buildings.  Kind of cool, but creepy too.  Today it's not just my head that's in the fog.

Last night the Murph and I went to Peg Leg Pete's and had raw oysters.  The Murph ate most of them because I am only good for about three. They always start off tasting good, but after about two oysters, the texture starts getting to me and I can't really swallow them very well.  That's why I rarely eat more than two or three raw oysters.  I can eat dozens of baked or steamed ones though.  Yum!

This sticker was over the bar at Peg Leg Petes.  I liked it.  Just a reminder for the smarty pants non-blondes out there.

More fog pictures....  This was when you could still see things a bit.

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