Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Is Here - Everything Is Covered In Yellow Dust

 Ken and I went for a walk in the neighborhood today.  Everything is blooming now and the yellow pollen is everywhere.  I used my asthma inhaler before I even left the house and was glad I did.  This neighborhood is really lovely this time of year even with all the pollen.  I was suppose to run with the Running Nazi this morning, but I had to cancel because I was up all night with a sinus headache and sore throat probably from sucking all that pollen into my lungs.  A little Advil,  puff of Ibuterol and Claritin and I'm all better now.  I will drug up again tomorrow and run before I take The Boy to get his hair cut.

Tonight Ken was all about the documentary on George Harrison.  He did the whole meditation thing back when he was a teen.  Right now we are listening at high volume to George Harrison's CD "All Things Must Pass".   I think I'll go meditate now.

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  1. i remember how pretty it is there in spring, despite the yellow dust and resulting allergies. we have a sort-of spring here; it'll last about 2 weeks.
    i love spring flowers! i don't see many flowers here - i think the wind beats them up too much, it's hardly worth planting anything.