Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been searching for a replacement drink for my usual margaritas.  I am trying to cut back on hard liquor.  A lot people I know stay away from tequila because they don't want to end up dancing on tables stripping their clothing off.  I never had this problem with tequila.  I handle it extremely well.  Really...  I do.  My other drink of choice when I'm not drinking a margarita is Riesling.  

Lately however, I have been drinking prosecco, an Italian sparkling white wine similar to champagne.   It is very light and works perfectly with cranberry and pomegranate juice.  I don't even miss the tequila. Last night the Murph and I met some friends at Satterfield's.  I decided to stick with a prosecco cocktail and got a drink called Strawberry Splash.  It had strawberries, balsamic, vanilla syrup, tarragon extract and prosecco.  Delicious!    My usual Satterfield cocktail is called The Royal Flirt and has vodka, fruit juice and prosecco.  It's not as sweet, but still very good.

I have cut back on alcohol and processed foods and snacks overall in an attempt to eat healthier.  We'll see how long it lasts.  At the grocery store today I told the Murph that I wasn't eating meat anymore.  He totally ignored me as he was picking out steaks and chicken and other dead animals in the meat department.  Then as I'm in mid sentence explaining why I've suddenly decided to become a vegetarian, he looks at me and says...

Murph:  "Are you ok on sandwich meats?"

Me:  "You're just totally not listening to me!"

Murph:  "No I'm not."  as he's tossing a big fat dead chicken in the cart

Me:  "I just said I'm not eating dead animals anymore."

Murph:  "We'll see how long that lasts." followed by a snort and some more bloody meat in the cart

The problem is he's right.  Becoming a vegetarian and not eating meat is about as tough as following a gluten free diet.  I tried gluten free once when the Boy had just been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  I read a book on gluten free diets for children with Austism or Aspergers and became inspired.  I spent a small fortune on "gluten free" items at the grocery store that ended up tasting like cardboard.  The Boy ate most of it without complaining too much and I tried to eat it because I felt if he had to go gluten free than I should too.  We went gluten free for less than a month before I broke down and ordered a pizza.  It's just tough. And I'm weak when it comes to food.  I ended up buying drinkable yogurt and giving the Boy one every day.  That seemed to help most of his stomach issues.  We didn't have to go lactose free.  Thank god for that.

As far as not eating meat, I've done pretty good so far.  Last night for dinner I had a cheese tray with some apple slices and bread at Satterfields.   No meat.  Today I had cereal for breakfast and for lunch the Murph "saved" me from eating meat by stealing the Arby's beef and cheddar sandwich that I had tucked away in the fridge.  He apologized and said he thought it was his sandwich.  All he left for me were the soggy curly fries.  

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  1. I think I've had former BVI expat friend A loves it. I'll have to pick up a bottle soon. I've just been drinking sake or wine. My usual!
    Congrats on going vegetarian!