Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ellis Marsalis - Snug Harbor

Last night Ken and I saw Ellis Marsalis play at Snug Harbor jazz bistro in the New Orleans French Quarter.  Ken is an avid jazz fan and while I love music of all kinds,  I am sort of a newbie to any jazz that hasn't been mainstreamed.   It was a coincidence that we had tickets to see his son Wynton Marsalis in Birmingham Friday night, but couldn't make it because my marathon is this weekend.  Instead, we were able to see another Marsalis.  I have to say it was my favorite performance that Ken has dragged me to so far.  Amazing!  While photos and videos weren't allowed in the restaurant, I found this video on You tube.  


  1. you went over to the french quarter?! i hate you! (just kidding)
    sometimes i kind of miss being in new orleans. are y'all going to jazz fest? i took my brother and also my aunt and uncle. J was always working and couldn't go. your rain boots will come in handy - unless they've changed the venue, it is usually muddy!

    1. Yes we did go to the french quarter. Our hotel was right near the french quarter on canal st. We came for the marathon, not the jazz fest (Ken say jazz fest is in April) I love the french quarter. So cool with all the old buildings. I love the architecture. There's jazz all over the place here. Jazz fest or not. lol

  2. yes, i meant to tell you the jazz fest is always in april. seriously they need to have it earlier (march would be perfect). by april it's a little warm and muggy (and then some!) but who cares when you're outside enjoying the great music! ;)
    you are making me miss my old stomping grounds!