Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rain Boots And Rolling Bags

Yesterday was another rain boot weather kind of day.  Ken says I will use any excuse to wear my Michael Kors rain boots.  Maybe, but I would rather not have the bad storms and tornadoes that came through Alabama, Kentucky and Ohio yesterday.  It was awful and I feel terrible for all the people who lost everything, entire towns destroyed.  It's so scary this weather lately.  Luckily, we were at the Florida coast which was south of where the worst storms passed through so all we got was some rain showers.  The clouds were still low and we were in the fog for another day.  Very strange.

The very large rolling bag I'm pulling is my awesome toiletry/cosmetic bag.  I purchased it several years ago when I got the "Accredited Staging Professional" certification when I first became a Realtor.  It was meant to hold things like cleaning supplies, furniture moving equipment, picture hangers, and other assorted tools to help in staging houses and getting them ready for sale.  The bag has been sitting in my garage ever since the real estate market took a nose dive.  Now I am happy to put it to another use.  It has all these great compartments, big ones and small ones and rolls right into the condo or hotel and into the bathroom where all my toiletry products and cosmetics are easily accessible.  I am not sure it would hold up to air travel, but it's great for road trips.

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  1. i love this ensemble on you - kors rain boots and all.
    nice to have a bag like that, all those compartments...

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