Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Case Of The Missing Flash Drive

A couple of weeks after The Boy started second semester, he asked me to bring him a few things he had forgotten at the house.   They were things that were for his computer, one was a flash drive, some miscellaneous stuff and an obscure computer thing that I can't even remember what it was called, but I do remember that it took me forever to find it.   I didn't know exactly what I was looking for so he described this obscure thing to me.  I found a few things that I thought might be it and sent him pictures of them on skype.   I think I must have sent him a dozen pictures of different hardware looking computer items.  I had no idea what they were.  I managed to find everything but the flash drive.  Now I know what a flash drive looks like so that wasn't the problem.  I've even used flash drives before many times.  The Boy sent me a picture of exactly what the flash drive looked like anyway,  just in case I didn't know.

The Boy told me the flash drive should be on the night table table next to his bed.  I looked and it wasn't there.  I looked around his bed, under his bed, even a little in the bed itself, but didn't find it.  I also thought The Boy might be confused as to where he used it last so I looked on his desk and around other areas of his room.  I did find a flash drive, but it wasn't the one he wanted.  The flash drive was just missing in action.   I finally gave up looking for it and had forgotten all about it until today.

The Boy is coming home over spring break next week so I decided it's time to start cleaning down in his room.  I have avoided the area since January so it was about time.   I washed his sheets and pillow cases and as I was pulling them out of the dryer today guess what I found in the bottom of the dryer?  You got it...  the MIA flash drive.  I guess it somehow jumped off The Boy's night table and into his bed and has been hiding in the sheets for the last couple of months.  It's now all clean and dry.  I skyped The Boy and broke the news to him.  The good news is he has clean sheets when he gets home, the bad news is his flash drive had a bath.  I'm not really sure exactly what he had saved on there (even if he told me I probably wouldn't understand) and I asked him if he thought it would still work.  So far, he hasn't responded except for a "grrrrrrrrrr" and a :o (surprise face).


  1. lol! maybe it survived the bath...i don't think they're as sensitive as, say, cell phones (is anything?)

    1. The Boy said it would probably still work. He hasn't tested it yet though. His cell phone was washed last semester. Luckily, I had the insurance on it.