Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spinervals and Jacksons...

Thursday was, of course, Spinervals day.  I was informed that I was shrinking fat cells and increasing red blood cells and reassured that this was perfect training to get ready for the upcoming sprint triathlon I am doing next month.  All that and I even ran about a mile afterwards before it started raining.

Just got back from eating at one of the best restaurants in Pensacola...  Jacksons.  I got the wood grilled salmon with asparagus and cheese grits.  The Murph got crab cakes.  Very good!

Jazz cat, Phantom is sitting here watching me type, probably wanting a pork chop or something.  Sorry Phan man, I already ate and it was DELISH!  Go eat your Purina cat food.

The Murph and I stopped for drinks on the island on the way home.  I decided to try something new and got a cucumber and sage white sangria.  It came chock full of cucumbers.  The Murph laughed and said I was getting my daily allowance of vegetables.  See... even my nutrition is on track as well as my exercise training plan....

I am doing good!  Right??


  1. i didn't know you could shrink fat cells. i guess i thought they just went away...or multiplied!
    i want a margarita like that, sounds really good.
    phantom looks like he had a margarita, too.

  2. Yes, I did spinverals today with an expert. He said you can't get rid of fat cells except through lipo. They just shrink or expand. He is the one who told me I should take extra vitamin D too. That's the new thing.

    Phantom always looks like that. He's a screwed up kitty! You should've seen him run out of his room today when the Orkin man walked in. lol

  3. ha! he's not called phantom for nothing. ;)
    i'd think people like us (outdoor people who live in sunny environments) get plenty of vitamin d from sun exposure. i always wonder about that, though.
    speaking of fat cells (that's interesting info, by the way)...i better get off this computer and get to my yoga practice!

  4. Ohhhhhh Phantom wants some food too...
    Don't guess I have any fat cells...