Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Up All Night

Last night Ed decided he was going to sleep with us so he jumped on the bed at some ungodly hour waking me up.  Then the Murph knocked him off the bed so he disappeared for awhile.  Long enough for me to fall back to sleep before he jumped back up on the bed and started walking on me.  At least he didn't purr loudly in my face like Phantom does or slap me with his paw like Cadence.

Ed pretending to be innocent.
The other night Cadence kept jumping on the bed and pawing at my face and then Phantom jumped up and scared Cadence.  Cadence dug his claws in the bed, in me and in the Murph as he fled, jumping all the way across the bed to the floor to get away from Phantom.  Then the loud purring started and kept on for a while, in my face.  Phantom looks and sounds like a large overgrown bumble bee. After Phantom decided to jump off the bed (with a loud thump that always wakes us up if we aren't already awake), Cadence jumped back on the bed.  This lasted pretty much all night until we got up around 7 a.m. to feed the little bastards (that's what the Murph calls them).

You can tell just by looking at him that Boo doesn't miss a meal!

As we were leaving the condo to go workout, little Cadence was looking at us with sleepy eyes waiting for us to leave.  He was ready to catch up on his sleep after we were gone.  After all, he had been up all night playing on top of us.  The Murph told Cadence that he would be back in 15 minutes to wake him up.  Revenge!  He didn't of course, but when we got back from our workout, he did make sure to find Cadence and wake the little "bastard" up!

 Poor Boo doesn't have any of these bad characteristics.  He just behaves and makes sure he doesn't miss the soft food he gets for breakfast.  I think I will kittynap him and take him back with me to the condo. 

Tonight the Murph informed me that the cats are locked OUT of the bedroom!  Sorry guys!

Ed sticking his tongue out at me...

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