Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Murph, Alpha Male...

We have been living at the beach condo for almost a week now.  Phantom and Cadence, aka the Jazz Cats, have adjusted fairly well.  Cadence seems to actually love it here.  The first couple of days Phantom's favorite place to sleep during the day was our bed.  The Murph didn't really like that at all.  He would walk in, see Phantom, make hissing noises and pretend to slap at him, tell him to get off the bed, etc.  I told the Murph to leave Phantom alone.  He liked laying there and he was having to adjust to the new, smaller place.  Phantom would just give the Murph a bored, lazy look that seemed to say, "you're a fool!"

Then yesterday, suddenly, Phantom is laying on the guest bed.  Today he's in there laying on the guest bed asleep.   I haven't seen him on our bed at all the last couple of days which is highly unusual.  At first I thought, well that's good!  He needs to be in the other room because then when the boy comes home he can sleep in there with the boy.

Now I'm a little suspicious as to why Phantom suddenly "decided" to sleep on the other bed.

I asked the Murph if he did anything to "encourage" Phantom to get off our bed.  He says no.

"Did you squirt him with water?"


"Did you threaten him in any way?"


"OK, what did you do, what did you REALLY do?"

"Nothing, really, I LOVE cats, I wouldn't do anything.  I think Phantom just decided he likes it in the other room better..."


Today we head back home for a couple of days and decide if we are going to bring the other two cats, Ed and Boo, to the condo.  Probably not.  This place has enough cats!

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