Saturday, September 24, 2011

"V for Vendetta" and the Jazz Cat Giving Me the Stink Eye...

Last night the Murph and I watched a movie that the Murph said was REALLY good.... and he was right!  It is called "V for Vendetta".  I loved it!  It starred Natalie Portman as Evey and Hugo Weaving as V.  GREAT Movie!  I highly recommend it.  It sort of reminded me of "Phantom of the Opera" with the mask thing and all.  Jazz Cat, Phantom is named after the "Phantom of the Opera" because the Boy was reading it in school at the same time we got Phantom and Phantom does look like he is wearing a mask.

Stink Eye!
 Unfortunately for the Jazz Cats, we had to turn off the John Coltrane jazz we were listening too (it was Coltrane's 85'th birthday after all, if he were still alive that is...) to watch the movie.  Phantom and Cadence are soooooo predictable when the jazz starts playing. Here they are before we turned Coltrane off.  It looks like Cadence was giving me the "stink eye" but he was really just saying "leave me the hell alone, woman!  It's Coltraine!"  I don't know where they disappeared to after the music stopped.

They were very, very mellow before it stopped though.
Big Stretch!

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