Friday, September 2, 2011

This is Ed... he's "different"

Ed is Boo's brother.  They are both about 12 years old or so.  Ed and Boo belonged to the Murph before we (me, my son and 2 cats) moved in and became one big happy cat family. When my cats moved in, they were ok with Boo, but Ed... no such luck.  Cadence chases and scratches Ed.  Phantom bites Ed.  Boo's just glad he gets soft food daily and that Ed leaves him alone.

Poor Ed!!  The Murph says my cats hate Ed because he's beautiful and they are jealous.  I went along with that until yesterday when I caught Ed on top of Boo biting him in the back of the neck.  The Murph says that's the way they "play."  I say that's a cat sex act.  The Murph says "no way!"  He's in denial.

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