Saturday, September 3, 2011

Evil... pure evil...

This is Phantom the Alpha Cat.  He rules the house and makes sure the other cats are in line and know who's the boss.  He tolerates Cadence and Boo, but stalks Ed constantly.  We have water bottles all over the house to spray him when he goes after Ed.  Hasn't stopped him.  We have aluminum foil all over the house in the spots he's decided to leave little "gifts" for Ed.  Such as Ed's favorite chair, the couch where Ed hangs out, etc.  This actually worked!

The Murph says Phantom just has no redeeming qualities.  He doesn't even really like us, except maybe me a little bit.  I KNOW Phantom loves the boy.  The Murph says he really should've been an outdoor cat and maybe we should help him a little by leaving the door open.

I think Phantom is just misunderstood.  He's like a big stuffed animal.... with teeth.... that bites!  I think Phantom misses the boy, but cats aren't allowed in dorms and the boy doesn't do litter boxes anyway.

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