Monday, September 19, 2011

Bar Hopping with the Babysitter

This bird went crazy over the Babysitter's hair.  He totally ignored me while I was taking his picture.  Then when he saw the Babysitter he ran over to her side of the cage.

Leaving Crabs...  didn't know the Murph was taking this picture.

Me and The Murph

Me and The Babysitter 
Had fun yesterday with the Babysitter.  We started our bar hoping at the poolside bar with frozen swirl margaritas, then moved beach side for a while.  Later in the evening, we went to one of the Murph and my favorite spots, Crabs, where we drank margarita on the rocks and then on to a couple more places before heading home.

The parrot at Crabs ignored me as usual.  He really seemed to be attracted to the Babysitter though.  She said birds always seem to like her hair.  The Murph says the parrot's going to bite me if I keep poking my finger in his cage.  He hasn't bitten me yet though.  What is it about a bird in a cage that just makes you want to poke in your finger?  Especially when you know it's only a matter of time before he bites the crap out of you!

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  1. you'll eventually get bitten if you keep doing it. i learned from jon, who used to train birds- he understands them pretty well.
    cute pic of you and the murph.
    the babysitter does have bird-friendly hair.