Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving Day with the Travelin Jazz Cats

Yesterday we moved down to the coast to be closer to the boy.  Now we are an hour away instead of four.  We decided to take Phantom and Cadence with us to see how they handle the move and then go back for Boo and Ed next week.  I was really concerned about how the cats would handle the drive.  It was raining and windy the entire way.  Tropical storm Lee was coming up from the coast.

I found this calming potion for cats at GNC.  I got some of it down Phantom, but not so much down Cadence.  It has hops in it so it must be some kind of kitty cat beer.  I am not sure but Phantom seemed VERY relaxed.

I noticed as I was driving both cats were very calm and quiet.  The Murph had left the satellite radio on a jazz station and as long as I kept it on that channel, the cats were fine.  I tried to change it to another channel and the meowing started.  I switched it back to jazz.... silence.  I never realized the cats liked jazz! They prefer Miles Davis and Dizzie Gillespie to Lady Gaga.  I knew they were intelligent well-bred cats. My new nickname for Phantom and Cadence......  The Jazz Cats!

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