Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Singulair... HELP! (and I'm not being over dramatic)

I forgot my Singulair prescription and it is at the coast and I am 4 hours away.  I have to take one a day for my allergies/asthma and have been on them for about 6 years.  I tried to get the pharmacy to refill it since it is almost time anyway, but the prescription has expired.  They faxed my doctor, but he still hasn't responded.  If I don't get my pills I think I will die!  The Murph says I am being over dramatic, but he just doesn't know what happens to me when I have to go two days without my pills.

Luckily, if I can't get them today then we will be back at the coast tomorrow night so maybe it won't be that bad.  The last time I tried to go off Singulair I regretted it.  After a few days I had a really bad headache, then sinus congestion which went into my lungs which gave me pneumonia.  I finally recovered two months later after rounds of antibiotics, steroids, and shots.  Learned my lesson.  

I already have a headache and I think my lungs are hurting and it's only been a day...

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