Friday, September 9, 2011

Drunk Chicken

Tonight we are having my new favorite thing to eat for dinner (and no it's not the Murph).   I had never even heard of it until I met the Murph.  It is called Drunk Chicken.  I use to laugh when I would see the Murph cooking it.  Back in those days I thought he was just being creative with the ingredients that he ALWAYS has on!

Basically Drunk Chicken is just a whole chicken with a can of beer shoved in it's you know what. It stands up on the grill and cooks until the beer evaporates up the chicken's butt and then it's done. I think the Murph adds a little seasoning, but he says it's top secret! ( I think it's mostly just a little salt and pepper.)  Leave the beer can half full of beer.  Drink the other half.  Have a few more beers as you wait for the chicken to cook.  By the time the chicken is done I don't know who's drunker, the Murph or the chicken!

At first I refused to eat it when the Murph offered it.  That was back when I was on a fast food diet and if you couldn't get it at a drive through or out of a box or at a restaurant, I didn't eat it.   I didn't realize what I was missing!  When I moved in with the Murph, we started eating at home a few nights a week and of course he made his classic Drunk Chicken.  I tried it and loved it!  It's the moistest chicken I have ever eaten.  We eat it at least once a week.  If you can get over laughing at a big, naked chicken with a beer can stuck in it's butt, it really is good.  Honest!


  1. OMG..LOL..LOL....Sounds like it would be good...
    I've cooked something with beer before but don't remember what is was...I'm sure it wasn't Drunk Chicken...