Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cry Baby, Snuggle Bunny and Wall Climber...

The last and youngest one in our cat family is Cadence.  He is my little snuggle bunny.  Always on my lap or curled up next to me or the Murph.  He's the only cat Murph allows on the bed.   I convinced him that it would traumatize Cadence if he can't sleep next to us at night.  The Murph was afraid if he allowed one cat in the bedroom then all the cats would be on the bed.  No worries.  Cadence takes care of that!

The Murph calls Cadence "Cry Baby" because every once in a while Cadence roams around the house (mostly around 2 am) and meows pitifully for hours.  He's also called "Little Red".  He's the fastest runner and highest jumper of any cat I've ever seen.   He can climb all the way up a door frame and jump  over half way up a wall in one jump.   He's had to be fast to get away from the "Evil One"!  (Phantom)

The boy and I adopted Cadence from the Humane Society a few months after we got Phantom.  We thought he could keep Phantom company while we were away from home.  Phantom seemed lonely.  I knew it was a mistake immediately.

We bring Cadence in to meet Phantom.  Phantom jumps like he is electrocuted or something.  Then the chasing starts.  Cadence terrified, finally rolls over submissive.  Phantom beats him on the head with his paw.  I finally separate them.  Think maybe this was a REALLY bad idea!  We try to return Cadence to the Humane Society, but they don't want him back.  I try to explain that Phantom will KILL Cadence if we keep him.  I say I have my receipt!!   They reassure me that this is normal cat behavior.  They give me some websites to go on to show me how to correctly socialize cats.  I realize we are stuck with Cadence

(Cadence is stuck with us!).

That was 5 or 6 years ago.  He's alive cause he's FAST!

The Murph says that Cadence would probably be "normal" if he hadn't lived with Phantom all those years...

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