Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Running with the Running Nazi, Rocking chairs and Snuggies...

My triathlon training is going REALLY well right now.  I actually did a 10 mile run today with the Running Nazi.  It was my first long run in over a week (last long run was when I did 13 miles with her over a week ago).  I did do a few hard 3 to 5 mile runs at the coast last week.  The Running Nazi did a 20 on Sunday and a 7 miler yesterday, then a 10 miler with me today.  She will probably do another 10 to 13 miles tomorrow after spin class.  She did spin class and weights today before she ran with me.  I feel like a slacker cause I just did weights before the 10 mile run.  I am soooo lazy!

The Murph and I are back at the coast.  We decided to leave Ed and Boo at the house with a sitter for now.  Ed's happy and not getting bitten and attacked by Phantom, so that's good.  Ed was doing "wierd" things to Boo, but they are "just playing" according to the Murph (yeah right!).  The Jazz Cats, Phantom and Cadence were happy to see us.  I am happy to see them and get back here for sure!

Tomorrow we go shopping for a bicycle for the Murph and a rocker/recliner for me.  It's a necessity.  I can't sit still for anything!  I have had the same wooden rocking chair since I was a teenager.  It has followed my everywhere for the past 25 years.  It was the only piece of furniture we had when I married my first husband.  He didn't dare try to sit in it either buddy!  Sadly,  I decided to leave the rocker at the house instead of lugging it down to the condo.   The only problem is, I can't sit still without a rocker.  It's the only way I can sit through a television program or stay in the same room for over 15 minutes.

Go ahead, call me Granny.  Call me whatever!  I'm burning more calories while I watch tv than you are and YES, I have a snuggie too!  A pink one, of course.


  1. you have to have a rocking chair- i cannot picture you without one! xo

  2. And now I will have one. We bought a leather glider from Ashley Furniture today and then we ordered a road bike for the Murph at a local bike shop. A Trek entry level road bike.