Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bike training with the Babysitter

Rode 20 miles with the Babysitter today.  She and I both are getting back into some sort of consistent training schedule again.  I have been on again, off again.  She has been off her training schedule for a couple of years now, but is ready to get back.  It won't take her long to get back into competitive race mode.  She's pretty tough!  She's done several ironman triathlons and marathons.

We were a little late getting started because I was a little hung over from going out with her group last night.  A little Advil and I was good as new.

We rode along the road next to the ocean.  Going out, the head wind was brutal.  We crept along under 15 mph.  Heading back we were flying with the wind at our backs.  That was the fun part of the ride!  It was a great work out.

I have gotten better and have been consistent in my run training with the Running Nazi the past two years. I did Memphis Marathon two years ago, Ironman Canada last August and Hawaii 70.3 this past June.  Now, I just need to stick with it.  Get faster.  Keep up the long stuff.  Running is always easier for me to keep doing than biking and swimming.  I'm a LONG way from being fast enough to qualify for Kona.  Gotta start somewhere though.

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