Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wedding Color Scheme Decision

Since it looks like a  January wedding for me and the Murph, I'm thinking we will have a silver and white color scheme.  We got engaged in January and were hoping to have a May wedding.  Then it turned into a June wedding, then a July wedding, then an October or January wedding....   We will only have been engaged a year and it gives us more time to plan.  January seems to be a good month for a silver, metallic and white color scheme.

In trying to pick a color scheme for the wedding, I wanted to match colors that are popular for that season.  When the wedding was going to be in May, the colors were more a blush or light pink.  In June, it was fuschia.  In July, it was more toward coral, but maybe with some pinks thrown in as well.  October was plum, eggplant or even orange, although I'm not too crazy about orange it does match the decor at the country club where we are planning on having the wedding.  January will be silver and white.  Sparkly metallics like a winter wonderland.

The bridesmaid dresses will be silver now, not coral or fuschia.  My two bridesmaids are my friend, the Running Nazi and the Murph's daughter, who is 21.  We really didn't have that much luck looking for coral/fuschia dresses this spring and summer.  Hopefully, we will find a spectacular silver dress this fall.  It's been decided there will NOT be ruching (makes you look fat) or anything that looks like something you'd wear at a square dance, not a wedding.  Strapless isn't a really good option either.

 I already have two wedding dresses picked out.  One is a Reem Acra strapless, ivory gown that is very fitted with an overlay of tulle for the ceremony and an Ann Bowen short, ivory dress for the reception.  I found both dresses with the help of my friend Steph when the Murph and I were in Charleston a few months ago.  I need to decide veil or no veil.  Sparkly jewelry definitely!  Shoes?  Silver, strappy Jimmy Choo's that the Murph bought for me at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta a few months ago.

Flowers?  Probably white for me and white for the bridesmaids as well.  I like roses, peonies and anemones. In July the bridesmaids were going to have white flowers and I was going to have coral and fuchsia flowers to match their dresses.  Now I don't know yet... Hasn't been decided....

If we can't pull it together in time for a January wedding, I'm screwed!  Or maybe I could just start back over at May and recycle color schemes from there...

 March could be a green color scheme with shamrocks and our signature drink could be Irish whiskey.  I'd like to see the Murph in a kilt.  No underwear!

 (he just said he's not wearing any kilts)  We'll see...  ; )


  1. OMG...March wedding and kilts...
    I love men in kilts think I will go to Scotland...Oh Dear...

  2. i've been to a couple of scottish weddings in the bvi. the men in the wedding party wore kilts (the plaid was, of course, the groom's clan's plaid). i love that!
    i don't think a kilt wedding would go with your dresses, though- just a thought.
    i like silver. i remember you'd looked at some champagne bridesmaid dresses.
    i added your blog to my blog roll (style odyssey). sorry it took me so long!