Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Kind of Day

Today was my kind of day! Slept in a little later. Made it to the gym in time for Spinervals class which is half of the time on the spin bike and half of the time doing free weights. Weather at the coast is PERFECT! After class I did core with the Murph and then hit the road for a short run with my ipod. Later, it was beach time. Then we went out for oysters, wings and adult beverages. Just got back in.

The Jazz Cats are doing great. The Murph doesn't really like Phantom's preferred place to lounge and hang out..... our bed! I told him to leave the poor cat alone. He's adjusting.....We went to see the boy at school yesterday and took him to lunch and did a few errands he needed to do. Then we went to PetSmart and got the cats a climbing tree for the condo. It is fairly large so it took a while to get it in the SUV. I think the Murph was a little embarrassed wheeling it into the condo. Wish I had the camera! Don't know why the cats don't like it. They LOVE the one I bought for them at home. Guess they just need to get use to it.

The boy called this afternoon and said he made an 84 on his first reading exam. Yea!

Overall, things are GREAT!


  1. Tell THE BOY I'm so glad he did real good [84] on his reading exam...

  2. I will tell him. I hired a tutor for him to meet with once a week to help him study and keep him organized. Seems to be working good.