Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Running Nazi

Just finished a 12 mile run with my best running buddy, Lisa.  The Murph (my sexy fiance) and I call her the running Nazi.  She is so cute, sweet, outgoing, etc etc... that you would never know she's the Running Nazi.  At least not until you run with her...   It usually goes something like this...

Me:  Lets just do 10 today

The Running Nazi:  Ok, lets do the normal 6 mile loop and add Dester and the cul de sac and "make up the difference down Euclid"  That'll be 10.

Me:  ok...  (Doubtful)  

We ended up doing 13 that day because it was 10 without doing Euclid....I'm always trying to do the math in my head cause I know the course and the loops and I think she's always trying to pull one over on me.  (She usually succeeds dammit!)


Me:  Ok, we're doing 13 today, right?

The Running Nazi:  Yes, I definitely don't want to do more than that.  Let's do part of the Statue to Statue run course.  I think I know how we can do a 13 mile loop on that.

Me:  ( 4 hours later, dying of dehydration, tongue hanging out...)  Do you know where we are?

The Running Nazi:  Sure, I think I just missed a turn somewhere back there but I know where we are....

We did about 18 or 19 miles that day in the heat, mostly lost with no water ...

Not to mention when she somehow talked me into signing up for Mercedes Marathon which is in February and just too cold for this wimp.  I woke up in a BAD mood that morning, cussing the Running Nazi.  That's the LAST time she's going to talk me into a race!  Yeah right..... The Murph laughs....

After our long runs she usually does yoga, zumba and spin class and my "long" runs of 13 miles are only her "medium" runs.  She also runs 15 to 22 miles every Sunday at 5 or 6 am.  I haven't been showing up for those...  Can't cause I'm in bed at 5am on Sunday mornings.

I need to get the Running Nazi signed up for an ironman triathlon.

On second thought, maybe not cause then I might have to swim with her and she will become the "Swimming Nazi".  I am shivering at just the thought of it!

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  1. Lisa the Running Nazi needs to meet Lisa the Spin Nazi. Seriously. My Lisa was our spinning instructor on Tortola. She was brutal. She referred to my equally petite friends and me as the Special Needs Corner. There's safety in numbers! We small, un-athletic girls had to stick together in that class for moral support!