Saturday, September 3, 2011

This One's For The Boy....

I was on the computer earlier today talking to the boy on skype.  He finally convinced me to use it and after several attempts I figured it out.  Well I didn't really figure it out. The boy (I can't use his real name) walked me through how to set it up.  It wasn't pretty, but I did it.

The boy sent me this picture and told me if I put it on my blog then he would start reading it once in a while.  Actually, this wasn't the first picture he sent.  I vetoed the other pics until he came up with this "clean" one which I thought was ok.  I asked him what that thing was attached to the animal's finger and the boy said it was a glow stick.  I hope that's what it really is and it's not something well....   something else.   

I don't understand what happened.  Maybe I shouldn't have gotten the cats when the boy was little.  It was just the two of us and I thought since he didn't have any siblings it would be nice for him.  Most families adopt pets and then treat them like their kids.  I treated my cats like they were my babies and still do.  The cats think they are human.  My boy on the other hand, thinks he's a cat!  He spent most of the summer following me around the house with the other cats, meowing at me.

I took the boy out to eat with a good friend of mine a few months ago.  He started his meowing after we sat down at the table and then started rubbing his head against my arm acting like a cat.  She just stared at him surprised, but not that surprised.  She "babysat" for him while I did Ironman Canada last summer so she knows him pretty well.  He wasn't getting the reaction he wanted from her so he reached over and bit my the restaurant.  (and did I mention he's 19!)

I never can tell about that boy.  The therapist said he's perfectly normal.  I told the Murph what the therapist said and the Murph thinks we should get a second opinion.....

The boy's probably laughing because he pulled one over on his mom again!


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